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For the first year Puppies require special attention. They are a bundle of fun, exploring and testing the big wide world. They need lots of positive experiences.
Over the years we have brought up many puppies in our time, introducing them to dog walking and daycare.

As soon as the inoculations have kicked in, you should get your puppy out there with other dogs.

Pups are the best, they are full of life and love, however, they can also be very stressful if you have not had a puppy before. The first nine months of a puppies life is very important and is where they learn most. They need lots of positive experiences. They learn to build skills to deal with “the unfamiliar”.


All puppies need socialisation and but not too much exercise.
They need to experience different situations, noises and smells to make them feel comfortable and not anxious.
Our dog walks and daycare is perfect for puppies and will go a long way to helping them group up to be confident and relaxed. They will meet lot of different sized and aged dogs.


With puppies we slowly increase the exercise your puppy gets . The rest of the time your pup will stay on lead experiencing the big outside world and learning how to interact with other doggies. Check with your vet how much exercise your pup needs.

Our little charges are not let off lead until you are confident their recall is good with you.

Free Puppy Consultation Service

Our free puppy consultation service is available when you sign up with us. We are happy to pop over to run through making your home / garden safe and any common puppy issues.

With our exeprince we can talk you through common issues with puppies in their first year. Our tips and blog will guide you throught all you need to know.

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Looking for a puppy? Consider rescuing one from The Dogs Trust

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