Great Battle Woods Dog Walking is fabulous. Its just off the A21 Between Battle and Telham, five to ten minutes drive from St Leonards and Hastings.
It is a well maintained wood with many different aspects.  You should have a good sense of direction its difficult to get lost. The paths are generally well maintained, some better than others. Many of the paths are good enough for push chairs and wheel chairs. Some of the paths are better used only when its been dry for a while as they have thick clay. Battle Great Wood Dog Walking is the place to go.

If you want to go off road with your dogs there are some interesting little tracks so go into and follow.

The woodland is mainly conifer and there are new areas where birch are being re-introduced.

Great Battle Wood is very popular with dog walkers, dogs of all sizes, shapes can be found here exploring the undergrowth.

There are occasionally horse riders and cyclist here.

Great Battle Woods Dog Walking

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The woodlands, there are many places to explore. You will find a huge area of beach trees in the middle of the wood. In late spring there are carpets of the Woodland Anemone , beautiful white flowers follower by tens of thousands of bluebells, a really beautiful site.

Great Battle Woods Dog Walking

Our dogs love it there, running around in the cool leaves of the bluebells. Great Battle Woods Dog Walking.

If you find this amazing place, there is a little path taking you through the bluebells, if you are lucky you can see the teepee’s made from plied up branches. Follow the path and there is a little stream trickling through the wood. The spaniels we walk love this, diving in to cool off, splashing around and generally getting themselves soaked.


Following the winding path through the bluebells on the other side of the stream there is a vast pine / conifer forest stretching up the hill into the distance. Here the climate is very different. The woodland floor is made up of centuries of pine needles, which have very little nutrition for plants. Here you find the mosses and ferns. More different smells for the dogs, different textures and sounds. They love it here.

Best of all is in the height of summer the pine areas offer a lovely cool area to hand out in. A great place to pack a pick-nick and take the dogs. We literally spend hours here. The dogs are protected from the direct sunlight and can sniff around. They curl up and have a little snooze. Then from no where a squirrel will appear and bang they are off, chasing the little furry fellow up a tree. Thankfully they have not caught one yet.

Our clients are mainly based in Hastings, St Leonards and Fairlight. This is a great place to spend the day exploring.

We love bringing the new puppies here as its so different from what they normally experience. This helps the build their confidence by encountering new smells, textures and noises. The more positive new experiences they have the better as they learn to be able to cope with the unexpected.  I have met many people who’s dogs are scared of “this and that”. This tend to be because they didn’t experience it in the first nine months of life.


When we see a horse we are off to see it, letting the puppy approach at its own pace. We normally go up to the horse, to stroke and pet it. The pup sees that the horse it no threat. After we pet the horse we then let the puppy smell our hands, so they can get a good sniff without actually being that close to this colossal noisy thing in front of them. Then the pup will get closer and closer building its confidence.  So, hopefully in the future it wont be phased when it sees another one.

There is a very convenient car park in Marley Lane. Great Battle Woods Dog Walking is the best.

Finally, if you want a lovely place to walk your dog, on a sunny or wet day, Great Battle Woods Dog Walking is a great place to go,



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