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Bulverhythe, is also known as West St Leonards, Filsham, West Marina, Harley Shute  Bo Peep (Also a great pub), is a suburb of Hastings, East Sussex, Bulverhythe – Dog Walking.

The post code is TN38 0FD. Bulverhythe has a 15 ft thick sea wall with a sand and shingle beach..

Because there are many roads around Bulverhythe making it very easy to park.  Parking is generally free.



Bulverhythe - Dog Walking - St Leonards - Hastings
Dog Walkers St Leonards Hastings Bulverhythe

The Beach

You will find a well maintained foot path from St Leonards to Glyne Gap and Bexhill.  You will find many cure beach huts dotted around.

The Best time to visit the beach with your dog  at low tide as this exposes miles of golden sand with many outcrops of rocks and clay.


As you can see the beach really goes on for miles. You can walk or cycle from Hastings all the way to Bexhill on a very low tide. This will expose The Amsterdam ship wreck.

As the water slowly deepens, its makes makes this a perfect place to paddle on hot days.

You will find many outcrops of clay and if you are lucky you will see some of the ancient forest preserved in the clay. They are thousands of years old.

In short, this is a beautiful place to walk dogs.


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