Crate Training a puppy or dog – 10 Top Tips

Over the years I have seen many dogs that have been crate trained. They are happy, healthy and content dogs.

Some people just cant get their heads around it, thinking that its cruel. Used in the wrong way it can be. Locking a dog up for hours on end or for as a punishment is a bad.

Natures safe Place

In the wild dogs would sleep in dens, caves or under bushes. It protects them from  the elements and predators.

A crate is a safe place for a dog, where it can relax and sleep. We have normal beds for our dog George. In fact we have a few beds for him all over the house, but we also have a create. When he is exhausted we often find him asleep in the crate. When he is unwell he spends more time there. He feels safer there.

When driving a crate is a safe place for a dog. When we go away we take our create so our dog has a home from home. When we go away and our fiends look after our doggy, they take his create for him to sleep in .

Toilet Training

Its also a useful aid in toilet training puppies. Doggies don’t “mess” where they sleep.

Crate train from a puppy is the easiest way. Some breeders use them, so its good to ask them.

The Crate should be big enough for a pup to stand, lay and turn around in. If you have a large crate that is the size needed for when they are mature block off some of the space and increase it as they grow.

Put a blanket over it and nice snug bedding inside.

Don’t put training pads or news paper in. First of all you don’t want to encourage them to “mess” in side and secondly this means there is too much room. A secure water bowl and a toys is all they need.

To start

To begin, always feed your pup in its crate. Leave the door open and let it explore and get used to the crate. Hide treats in it when the pup is not looking. After a few days close the door as the pup eats. Then open it once the pup has finished. Then slowly over time encourage the puppy in and close the door for a minute. Stay in the room with them and let them out. Do this a few times each day and slowly increase the time they are in the crate. Increase the time slowly over a few weeks.


Dog and Puppy Crate Training

Ten top tips

  1. Always remove the dogs collar
  2. Start training from as soon as you bring your pup home
  3. Use the crate now and then when you are not leaving home.  Don’t let your dog associate the crate with you leaving home.
  4. Never your dog in a crate in your car on a hot day. Heat stroke kills dogs.
  5. Do not leave your dog in a crate for hours on end. They need toilet breaks and exercise.
  6. Build up the time over weeks
  7. Feed your puppy in the crate
  8. Hide treats in the crate for your pup to have positive experience of the crate
  9. Put a blanket over the crate
  10.  Use the crate to assist in toilet training


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