Dog Walking Beach Life

Murphy Beach fun Dog Walking Hastings St-Leonards Fairlight

Dog Walking Beach Life is the best way of life.

Our little doggies have the best walks in East Sussex. Only the luckiest of dogs join our pack.

The picture on the right is little Buster, the Chihuahua cross Jack Russell (Jack Chi). What an awesome dog. Full of life and loves exploring the beaches.  Here he is in his “King of the World” pose.


Dog Walking Beach Life
Boat Lane Bouy - Rocky Pug George Parson Terrier Hastings Pet Care - St Leonards - Bexhill

Oh the boys are having fun with a Bouy on Bexhill beach.

Rocky the Pug and George the Parsons Terrier exporting the beach have come across a rather large round yellow object. First they have to approach with caution and once they know its no threat, they wee on it!

Best of all a Dog Walking Beach Life is the best way of life.


Hasting Pet Care

We offer a fantastic dog walking service for clients in and around Hastings / St Leonards.

The dogs we look after are small to medium sized and don’t have an aggressive bone in their bodies. We love exploring local beaches, woodlands and country parks.  Everyday is an adventure with us. You dog will love it. Most days we will upload pictures and videos to our Instagram page. Our clients love it when they are stuck in the office and they can brighten their days by seeing what their doggy is up to.

We cover

  • St Leonards-On-Sea
  • Bexhill
  • Hastings
  • Fairlight
  • Winchlsea
  • Pett

We think we offer the best dog walking service in Hastings. Contact us here


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