Dogs and hot weather

At Hastings Pet Care we are cautious with Dogs and hot weather. We are always prepared for hot days and ensure you dog if safe on the hot days that we go out walking. 

Dogs can easily over heat on hot days, especially the flat faced dogs, bulldogs, frenchies and pugs. Old dogs, overweight, sick, puppies and long haired dogs are also at risk.

If you are ever concerned that your dog has heat stroke call your vets immediately, it can kill.

Dogs in cars

On hot days dogs must never be left alone in a car. Get some screens (Halfords or Pets at Home) to create shade where they are in the car. Drive with the windows open or with the air conditioning on. Provide them with a water bowl. There are non-slip anti-spill ones that are great.
Parking in the shade with the windows down to will help keep the car keep cool.
Panting is how dogs cools down. This will fill the car with hot moist air, so they need plenty of air flow.

Out on the walk

Try and avoid walking dogs at the hottest part of the day. Early morning or late evening.
If you must walk outside these times, try to stay under trees in the shade. Do shorter dog walks. Don’t play games with them and keep them on lead is they want to run around to much. Again, take plenty of water for them to drink.

Taking time out for lots of little pit stops to have a drink is great.

Where to walk

Pavements, beaches and tarmac can be very hot and increase the temperature even more. They can also burn a dogs paw. If it’s too hot for you to tout how it’s too hot for dogs paws. If you are going to spend the day on a beach, make sure you have shade for your dog, plenty of drinking water and keep cooling them off in the sea,

In the summer we hang out in wooded areas and places with water that are cooler. The beach walks are great as they can paddle and cool off.  We are blessed with places like Camber Sands, Pett Level, Winchelsea, Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill beaches, We towel down your doggies so they are dry when the are returned.  We take gallons of cool water with us and our van is air-conditioned.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke can and does kill dogs. Dogs and hot weather can be dangerous.
Signs of heat stroke: heavy panting; rapid pulse, profuse salivation; very red gums or tongue; lethargy; disorientation, inability or reluctance to rise, vomiting; diarrhoea; loss of consciousness.

Don’t plunge your dog into cold water, this can cause shock. Wet a towel and cover wrap the dog in the towel. Massage the water into the skin and their belly and inside of their legs. Call your vet immediately and ask for advice! Speaking to reception is free.

Heat Stroke – RSPCA Advice

At Home

At home, make sure the rooms your dog has access too are cool. Use blinds, keeping windows locked ajar is possible with most modern double glazed windows.
Kitchens and bathrooms often have tiled floors and pets love these to cool down on.
Invest is a fan, this will help the dog and make the hot weather more comfortable for you too.

You can always freeze a bottle of water leave if wrapped in their bed.

Some white dogs can sun burnt, so speak to your vet for advice on sun cream they recommend to use.

You can also buy cooling vests, bananas and mats.

As I have said before, if you are ever concerned about your dogs health call your vet.

Our cool walks

At Hastings Pet Care we love this walk when there is a low tide. Dogs and hot weather can mix, just be careful. 
We love Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Dog Walks on hot days – the water is lovely and cool

Pett Level Dog Walking Daycare Service Hastings St Leonards Ore Battle Fairlight Walkers

George and Milton keeping cool at WInchelsea / Pett Level Beach. They love it there.

Our dog walks