Favourite pics

Some of our Favourite pics, from the best dog walkers in 1066 country

Whippet - Dog Walking Services Hastings East Sussex
Puppy Parsons - George - Dog Walkers St Leonards
Poodle Dog Walkers - Hastings - Fairlight - Winchelsea - Pett
Parsons Terrier - Hastings Dog Walkers - Fairlight - St Leonards-on-sea
Favorite Pics - Parson Terrier Russel - DOg Walkers Hastings
Pug Love - Hastings Pet Care Dog Walkers - St Leonards Fairlight - Walking
Hastings Dog Walkers - Fairlight St Leonards - Walking Services
Dog Walker Hastings - St Leonards Fairlight - George at the wheel
Frenchbull dog St Leonards - Hastings - Fairlight Dog Walkers
French Bulldog - Hastings - St Leonards - Fairlight Dog Walkers Walking
George on the beach Hastings Walkers of dogs
Best Mates Dog Walkers - Hastings St Leonards Fairlight
Parsons Terrier - Hastings Pet Care - Fairlight Winchelsea - Walkers
Watching the Boats - Hastings St Leonards 1066 Country Dog Walkers
Favourite pics - Tired Parsons Terrier - Hastings Pet Care - Dog Walking services - Walkers

More of our favourite pics.

Here at Hastings Pet Care we offer the best dog walking service in 1066 Country

You will find us in the Good Dog Guide

Hastings Pet Care

The best thing about our service that we like quality walks over quantity of dogs.
We walk small groups of dogs at fabulous locations in Hastings Area.

You will find us at beaches like Hatsings, St Leonards, Fairlight, Bexhill, Winchelsea and Pett

Dogs we walk

We love the smaller dogs. Pugs, French Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Parsons Terrier, Whippets and spaniels.

The larger breeds are lovely, but just not for us as we have a medium sized van and don’t want to squeeze them in .