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Being a Hastings Dog Walker we very lucky to have so many amazing places to walk dogs that are just a short drive away.
Because we only take small dogs in small groups we offer them individual attention and care.

We feel its very important that any potential new client knows what we get up to on walks. For this reason we invite potential clients to join us on a walk. We heard rumours that other dog walking business come up with excuses why you cant join them on a walk. We have nothing to hide and everything to be proud of, so come along and join us.

Have a look at our favourite places and our favourite doggies.

Bulverhythe - Dog Walking - St-Leonards Hastings


Surely the happiest of dogs.
Alfie, George and Charlie at Glyne Gap (West St Leonards)

Dog Walker - Hastings - Daycare- St-Leonards Fairlight


Paddy in the dandelions

Hastings Country Park Dog Walking


Another fantastic day out at Hastings Country Park

Dog Walking

Dog Walking at St Leonards Beach Huts

St Leonards

Truly a beautiful place, Beach huts adventure – St Leonards


Bruce the Fairlight Basset Hound
Hastings Pet Care – St Leonards – Fairlight – Winchelsea and surrounding areas dog walking

Hastings Pet Care


George - Hastings Pet Care - Dog Walkers


Soppy George in attack mode

 Parsons Russell Terrier

Hastings Dog Walker


Loving the low tide at Winchelsea Beach / Pett Level

Hastings Pet Care - Dog Walking at Winchelsea Beach / Pett

Pett Level

Paddling in the sea at Pett Level

Dungeness - Dog Walking - St Leonards - Fairlight - Hastings Pet Care


The boys at Dungeness light house.

Walking the dogs at Battle Wood - Hastings Pet Care

Battle Woods

Dog Walking adventures at Battle Great Woods

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve - Dog Walkers - Hastings Pet Care

Rye Harbour

In a word – AWESOME!
Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Hastings Beach

An especially lovely evening dog walking on Hastings beach

Pett Level dog walking - Hastings Pet Care

Pett Level

Miles of sand banks and we love it for this reason.

Hastings Country Park - Dog Walkers

Hastings Country Park

A beautiful park indeed.

Hastings Pet Care

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