Pett Level – Dog Walking, what an amazing place.

The small village of Pett is a mile in land of the coast. Pett is a small village in the Rother District of East Sussex.It is around 5 miles from Hastings with Fairlight in between. It has a couple of really lovely dog friendly pubs. Pett Level – Dog Walking.


Pett Level - Dog Walking

Ancient forest

Among the outcrops of rock and clay you will preserved tree roots and branches some 6,000 years old

Remains of birch, oak and hazel can be found If you are extremely lucky you may find hazelnuts that have been carbon-dated to 5,200 BC.

Pett Level

What an amazing place. If you want to enjoy a beautiful walk with your dog, we highly recommend that you time it right and visit at low tide. This exposes miles of sand banks and rock pools. The outcrops of of rock are rock and hard clay which can make them very slippery. Also, as there is so much clay, you will find patches of what looks like sand, but is in fact clay sludge. We love Pett Level – Dog Walking.


Its super easy to park here and its free, which is always a bonus

Dog Walking

Fabulous place to walk dogs. The sandbanks goes on for miles and miles all the way to Winchelsea beach and then Rye Harbour.
Again, always try and go there for low tide, otherwise you will just have a pebble and shingle beach.

At Hastings Pet Care, we offer a dog walking and cat feeding service.


You can walk around the cliffs at low tide to explore the beaches at Fairlight., however you must time it right as at high tide you will find yourself cut off. We always go around two hours before low tide to ensure we don’t need to rush. If you are not aware of tides, there are low tides and really low tides. The lower the tide the better. We always use this tide time table.


The Smuggler Inn is on Pett Level and has a lovely beer garden – 01424 813491
There is also a cafe on the behind the sea defences.
My favourite places are The Ship at Winchelsea Beach and The Coast Guards Tea Room.

If you want a quirky gastro meal try the Red Pig Food truck on road to Winchelsea. Its only there are weekends. It serves delicious food cooked to order. Try the Pett Leveller !!!

Dog Rescue Centres

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