St Leonards – Dog Walking

St Leonards-on-Sea is part of Hastings and has been since the 19th century, but it has its own identity. It lies to the west of central Hastings. St Leonards has many grand houses designed for the well-off and has the beautiful Warrior Square.

There used to be a pier in St Leonards. It was requisitioned by the military in the second world war, hit by a bomb in October 1940. Then sadly  on 7th March 1944 a fire destroyed the remaining structure.


St Leonards - Dog Walking


Parking along much of the sea front is restricted with a mixture of Permit Holders only, free two hour parking or pay and display.

There is a pay and display car park to the West of St Leonards, just past the St Leonards Sailing Club and the Azur.

There is free parking at the far end of St Leonards by Frosvenor Gardens.


St Leonards – Dog Walking

The St Leonards Beach is a shingle beach which at low tide exposes huge expanses of lovey sand and outcrops of rocks. Perfect for dog walking.

Behind the beach is a lovely promenade that stretches all the way to Hastings.

Parts of the beach is restricted and dogs are not allowed from May to September, so have a look at the signs before you go down with your dog. To the west part of the beach where the free parking is there is no restrictions for doggies.

I prefect this area with the free parking. There are less tourists and is much easier to walk dogs. This is where you will find the beach huts.

My top tip is to put your car into the hand car wash. So at the end of your dog walk you will have one shiny new car.

Milton and George St Leonards Beach