Dog walking at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Dog walking at Rye, this is an amazing place to walk dogs.
At the end of Harbour Road there is a car park (just past William the Conqueror). We park here so we are next to the reserve.
We follow the path on the right into the nature reserve. The nature reserve is fenced off so the dogs can’t get in to pester the wildlife. We follow the path to the sea and a little walk down to the Mary Stanford Lifeboat house.  Dog Walking and Daycare Services Hastings Battle St Leonards Fairlight Pett

It’s a great place to take photos.  We are in luck, the tide is out, do its down to the sand banks. Miles of golden sand for the dogs to play on. Dog walking at Rye is always lovely. There are generally other dog walkers here and other friendly people.

Here we turn left towards the Harbour entrance, The doggies are running around playing in the shallow sea.

After half an hour walking we are at the entrance. Time for refreshment, so out come the water bowls to have a little drink.

We then turn left again rejoining the path walking to the Red Roof Hut. Photo opportunity!

Dog walking at Rye - Dog walkers Hastings St Lronards Walking Services and Daycare

Keep walking and you will pass a little cafe which is lovely. Then keep going and you are back at the car park.

Next to the car park is “William the Conqueror” pub… This is a great place to eat and is dog friendly.
They have a great selection to eat. They specialise in Greek / Mediterranean style food,  They also have a dog treat or two at the bar.

This walk takes around two hours (excluding pub time). If you can aim for low tide as this is when the sand banks are exposed. You will then literally have miles and miles of sand to walk along.

Enjoy Dog walking at Rye Harbour !

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