Cat Feeding Hastings St Leonards

Hastings Pet Care offers a Cat Feeding and Cat Sitting services in Hastings, St Leonards and the surrounding area. Book us in for a few nights or a few weeks. We offer a flexible, professional and reliable service. You pay per visit. Select mornings or evenings and we do the rest. Cat Feeding Hastings St Leonards it could not be easier.

Cats Don’t like Catteries

In our experience most cats like their home comforts and routines. Rather than stress your cat out by transporting it to a catterie and leaving it an place its not familiar with we can pop over to care for it.  We can play with your cat or just give it lots of cuddles and attention. You don’t need to rely on your neighbours no more. We will invoice you at the end of the job.

Cat Home Visits

We will feed, change the water and litter (if required), ensuring the feeding area is kept clean and fresh. If you’re running out of food, no problem we can buy it for you and add it to your bill. You can have updates on when we have visited by text, email or “Whatapp”. You choose how we communicate with us. We can even send you pictures. If you are happy and have Instagram or Facebook we can upload pics to there also.

Not just a Cat Sitter

While we are there we can water plants and open/close curtains turn on and off lights to give your home that lived in look.

Would you like a pint of milk / fresh bread on your return? No problem, just ask.


Its easy. Book us in to pop over and see you for a free consultation. We will take all your details, including the vet details, any medical needs, routines and any special instructions. You give us a set of keys which we either keep (for regular visits) or return at the end of the job. We then send you an invoice and you pay direct into our bank account. If its your first booking and its more than a week we ask for a 25% upfront deposit.


Once you are registered, you can phone, text, whatsapp, Instagram message, Facebook message, email or book online. Then that’s its, ll sorted.
Our online booking system allows you to book in dates. You will get a email conformation and you can see your own diary of the dates you have booked. You can edit your data and see when we have visited your cat.

Don’t worry, if your not a teckie, you can us do it the time and tested way, buy calling us.

Cat Feeding Hastings St Leonards. – Meow – we think we are the cats whiskers. Contact us here.

It’s always a risky business, leaving your pet in the hands of a stranger, let alone handing over your house keys to them.
So I’m pleased to be able to recommend Peter and Jonathan. They fed our cat Fidget for us whilst we were away on holiday.
Little things put our minds at ease straight away; popping round to meet Fidget first, putting us in touch with some of their existing clients for references, picking up our keys and dropping them off once we’d returned rather than just posting them through the letterbox.
Plus they actually seemed to take an interest in the cat, even though they was just feeding her morning and night.
An honest, friendly and totally fuss-free service. We’ll definitely be calling on Peter and Jonathan again.

Lauren, 2016

Jonathan and Peter have been helping me with Fred for months now when I have to go away last minute. They have a copy of my house keys so there is fuss. I used to ask my neighbours, but it was getting embarrassing asking them all the time. I just call them and they book Fred in. They have even helped me out buy buying more food for Fred when there was none left.

They have helped me out so many times and I could not recommend them highly enough.

Paul, 2018

Cat Feeding in Hastings and St Leonards
Cat Feeding St Leonards-on-Sea
Cat Feeding Hastings St Leonards
Cat Feeding Hastings

Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds, Fish and Reptiles

We have years of experience of owning and caring for all of the above.

Having owned Koi Carp, cold water fish and tropical for years we know about all their needs, food, filters and crucially spotting something looks wring. As you know, if you don’t act quick it can lead to the water quality deteriorating and then sick fish.

Rabbits, Hamsters and birds, again we have many years of experience caring for them.

If you need help with any of these, please give us a call and we can talk your requirements through with you.


Our clients are in the Hastings, St Leonards, Ore, Fairlight, Winchelsea, Bexhill and surrounding areas.

Give us a call and we can discuss you and your pets needs.

Dog Walking

We offer a dog walking, doggy daycare and Puppy care service.  We are flexible, reliable. professional and of course fully insured.


With Hastings Pet Care you can easily tick one thing off you list of many things to do when planning a holiday and just call us to car for you cat.

Cat Feeding Hastings St Leonards – the cast whiskers.

If you are ever thing of getting another cat have you Consider adopting a cat?

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