FAQ’s – Dog Walking and doggy daycare – Hastings Pet Care

FAQ’s – Dog Walking and doggy daycare – Hastings Pet Care

How do we join?


We will pop over to meet you and your dog. If you are happy after the meeting we will do a two week trial. We are making sure that your dog is happy in the group and that the pack is happy with your dog.

How do you ensure my dog is safe?

We walk small packs of dogs. All doggies are walked on the lead until they have bonded with us. When we feel confident the bond is there we will ask you in writing to confirm that you are happy with this. We then use training leads for the first few times they are let off.

What does my dog need to join the group?

It must have a dog tag and have a micro chip. Your dog must be fully up to date with vaccinations, worm and flea treatments.

What does your insurance cover?

We are insured from the moment we collect your dog to when we drop it off, all the time it is in our care. Public liability up to £3,000,000. We are insured against loss of keys (your locks will be replaced by us – even though this has never happened). When cat feeding, we are insured from the moment we enter your house.

How do you collect my dog if I am out?

You give us a set of keys. We let ourselves in and out. Your keys are not marked with your address or dogs name. At night they are locked in a secure box at my home.

Where do you walk your dogs?

We love beaches at low tide, so that is generally where you will find us. Hastings, St Leonards, Glyne Gap, Pett Level, Winchelsea Beach and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve are just some of the beautiful beaches we use.
We also use Hastings Country Park, Great Battle Woods, Guesting Woods and Powder Mill Lane Woods,
You will occasionally find us at Dungeness, Eastbourne, Pevensey and Bodeum Castle.

We also have access to beautiful, private and secure fields in Fairlight.

How Much do you Cost?
How do we pay?

You can pay weekly or monthly. Ideally you pay by bank transfer at the end of each month when I send you an invoice. We do take cheques or cash which again is paid on receipt of invoice.

Do you work bank holidays?

Generally no, but we can do if you make a special booking.

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