Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier

Some of my favortie picts of awesome Hastings Pier


Hastings Pier view to St Leonards
Hastings Pier St Leonards

The Winner is..

Hastings Pier, winner of the prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize 2017.


The pier has a number of cafes, a memories room and a fabulous little shop.
As you enter the Pier on your right there is the main resturantm cafe and bar, with an awesome fish and chip shop at the end.

On the main structire at the centre of the Pier you will find a one of a kind cafe with panoramic views. This is weather dependent and is only open in goodf weather.

Inside the main structure there is a super cute shop and free “memories” rooms.


As a charity the Pier relies on the public to support it.

There are many attractions on the pier thoughtout the year, so best keep an eye on their web site. The open air cinema is always a hit.

Hastings Pet Care

The Shop

Hastings Pier shop is full of lovely things to buy.  You must try the famous Hastings Lemon Ketchup

Hastings Pier shop - Lemon Ketchup
Dog Walkers St Leonards Hastings and Fairlight
Hastings and St Leonards Dog Walker
Dog Walking Services - St Leonards on Sea, Hastings and Fairlight