Fairlight Glen

Fairlight Glen is a wonderful little gem hidden away in Hastings, 1066 Country. The glen is found in a beautiful stretch of the Hastings coast. It is surrounded by crumbling sandstone cliffs. East Sussex Cast is awesome with a number of lovely towns beaches, valleys and glens.


Regrettably Fairlight Glen its not the easiest of places to access. Is found at the bottom of steep cliffs which can be badly effected by erosion. We would suggest parking at Hastings Country Park, rather than walk around at low tide from Hastings town.

The Glen

The valley is covered in gorse and ferns, wild flowers woodland and secluded beaches.Best of all you will find little waterfalls and interesting rock formations.

On another point, the actual cove is used by many as a naturist beach, so this will not be for everyone.

Dog Walking

To be very honest, its not the best place to walk dogs who run off or chase wildlife.

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