This is our George a Parson Russell Terrier.

They are a small dog weighing from six to nine kilos. Our little monkey is just over 10kg and most I see are around this weight,

Mainly or all while with a ruff or smooth coat. George has a mix and this is known as  broken coat.

Reverend John Jack Russell was credited in the created of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Parsons is a longer legged Jack.

Related to the Fox Terrier. We think they are the best dog ever.

Parson Russell Terrier Hastings St Leonards Dog Walker
Parson Russell Terrier St Leonards Dog Walkers


Well, they are a full on and energetic little dog with a big attitude. Parson Russell Terriers will love all ball games and love all dog sports, agility and flyball.

They are keen to please, but you must be make it clear from day one that you are the one in charge, Intelligent and loving dogs, but can turn in a second. They can be fearless and take on any dog of any size if need be,

We would never leave our George alone with any other dog or children.

When Pasrons Russell Terriers are young socialise them well with other dogs, people and children.

Saying all that, we just love the Parson Russell Terrier breed. Awesome, affectionate and loyal little dogs.

Dog Walkers Hastings Parson Russell Terrier

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We walk small to medium sized doggies at beautiful locations in East Sussex. Our walks are at the best beaches, country parks and woodlands in East Sussex. Doggies that are not aggrieve are welcome in our group. Parson Russell Terriers are awesome little dogs, but do your homework before you get one.

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