Parsons Russell Terrier

Parsons Russell Terrier
Parson Russell Terrier - Dog Walker Hastings, East Sussex

Parsons Russell Terrier

The Parsons Russell Terrier is a lovely little dog. We maybe a little bias as we have George a perfect example of a Parsons Russell Terrier.

They are small and cute, but boy they need to know who is the boss. Give them an in and they will take a mile.

Best of all they are loyal and very loving. Intelligent and full of energy,

Never leave with unattended with other dogs or children !

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Parson Russell Terrier are a smaller breed of dog.  Around 8-12KG. A mainly white dog that comes from Fox Terriers from the 18th century. The Reverend John Jack Russell developed the breed and today we have the lovely Parson Russell Terrier.

in 1997 it was first recognised as its own breed.

Parson Russell Terrier Hastings St Leonards Dog Walker
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We run a small family dog walking business in St Leonards called Hastings Pet Care. You will find us in The Good Dog Guide.

Hastings Dog Walking

Our fabulous dog walks are at beaching in and around Hastings. Our favourite walks are on the beach at low tide, while miles upon miles of sandbanks are exposed. The perfect place to walk dogs.

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Baby George outside Love Cafe St leonards - Dog Walking

With all Parsons Russell Terriers you will find the killer instinct for most wild life, including pets !

That is why its very important to socialise your Parsons Russell Terrier with house old pets at soon as you get your puppy home.

For more in formation on our five star dog walking service you can contact is here.

Beaches in Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea

The beaches here are shingle beaches, but at low tide lovely sand banks are exposed.

Both Hastings and St Leonards have restrictions as to what parts of the beach you can use in the summer, so check the signs next to each beach.

If you want quiet beaches where you that are not busy or empty, check out Winchelsea Beach and Pett Level.

For awesome beaches with sand dunes, you need Camber Sands. Simply beautiful.  You will often see us here with our Parsons Russell Terrier George.

Parsons Russell Terriers

The best dogs around – Woof !