Pooch Mutt Hound Mans Best Friend

What ever you call your dog, you love them like one of the family

Pooch Mutt Hound Mans Best Friend

Every dog owner loves their dog or dogs.

Pooch Mutt Hound Mans Best Friend, Here at Hastings Pet Care – we care for our clients dogs as if they were one of our own.

We run the odd errand and are very flexible. Pooch Mutt Hound Mans Best Friend, they are all amazing..

If you do have the time, we can drop your dog off at the groomers or vets after its walk.


Hastings and St Leonards Dog Walkers - Experienced - Whippets

Princess Peggy

Peggy is a rescue whippet. She loves long walks, especially if there is a squirrel to chase. Whippets run like no other dogs, really graceful and majestic. Yes greyhounds are similar, but there is something really regal about a whippet running.

The whippet makes a perfect pet, as they don’t actually need that much walking and are happy to curl up with you on the sofa if you can’t face going out in the cold and rain.

Alfie Alf

Yorkshire terriers. Oh these are awesome doggies. Alfie is another rescue doggy. Full of life, loving and mischief. Shall enough to pick up and put under your arm, big enough to take on any dog!

Alfie loves staying with us, taking long beach walks in Hastings and St Leonards.  He loves chasing other dogs who have a ball in their mouth, but if Alfie gets the ball we won’t share. Love him to bits.

Hastings and St Leonards Dog Walkers - Experienced - Whippets
Hastings and St Leonards Dog Walkers - Experienced - Whippets

Charlie – young brother of Alfie

Yes, Yes Charlie may not be the biological brother or Alfie, but they are brothers non the less.

Pugs are super little dogs, but don’t be mislead by their size. They have bucket loads of energy and an even bigger appetite.

Chalie can easily overheat in the summer, so down to the beach it is for him. You will often see him at Bexhill Beach and Winchelsea / Pett beaches as he can run around at low tide and not over heat as he is constantly paddling and splashing about.

The Sausages

Miniature daschunds – what can one say? I want one, I WANT ONE. In fact I really want our 17 of them.

Twig and Darwin are just the best. Little Characters who really think they are the size of an Ox.

Can be a little vocal, but hey, who cares, just look how super cute they are !

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Pooch Mutt Hound Mans Best Friend - Hastings and St Leonards Dog Walkers

Murphy the Border Terrier

The Tonka toy if the dog world. Indestructible. Murphys favourite short  is rolling around on the ground with rottweilers who are at least  times his body weight.  Fabulous little dogs. The only thing is their cry when they see a cat or squirrel, they sound worse than foxes.


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