Dog Walkers Hastings and St Leonards - Fairlight

Dog Walkers Hastings and St Leonards & Fairlight

We have the most beautiful dogs here at Hastings Pet Care. Based in St Leonards-on-Sea we offer a dog walking service to Hastings, Fairlight, St Leonards and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the best doggies posing during their fabulous dog walks.

Peggy - Hastings Pet Care - Dog Walker - St Leonards and Fairlight

Peggy, the Princess Whippet. Here we are at Bexhill beach with her pals and second picture is at Battle Great Woods.

Whippets are sight hounds. They love lounging around, but if you want to take them for a walk they are happy to do that also.  Peggy will trot around while we walk never straying far and is always going up to people we meet looking for a hug and attention. But, when she sees a squirrel she is off. There is nothing as beautiful as a running whippet, so graceful and so fast. Luckily she has never caught one while she has been with us.

We love the dog walks at St Leonards-on-Sea.


Peggg Dog Walking - Hastings Pet Care - St Leonards and Fairlight
The Boys - Hastings Pet Care - Dog Walkers - Fairlight and St Leonards

Murphy and Charlie

The best little doggies, Murphy, the Border Terrier and Charlie the Pug.

Very different dogs. Murphy love to chase squirrels and cats. Charlie, loves cuddles and food.

Here they are at Battle Great Woods on a lovely dog walk in the summer. At Hastings Pet Care we offer dog walking and doggy daycare services.

St Leonards-on-Sea beach, Bulverhythe and Bexhill have awesome beaches to walk at on hot summer days.

Paddy the Cockapoo

Well, what a dog. Paddy the Padstser is the cutest little dog.  If you have never owned a dog before and want something, inteligent, loyal, friendly and easy to train, I would always recommend a cockapoo.

Here we are at Winchelsea beach / Pett Level.


At low tide this place is just amazing, one of the best beaches around. Just like the beach at St Leonards-on-Sea at low tide there are miles of golden sand banks.

Beautiful Dog Walks - Hastings Pet Care - St Leonards Fairlight Bexhill

St Leonards-on-Sea

A small little town which has must to see and explore.  Kings Road, Norman Road and the sea front have many independent little shops, cafes and galleries to explore. There is even a really cute Cinema on Norman road, the Kino.

We love St Leonards-on-Sea!

Dog Walkers

You lovely dog owners are spoil for choices where to walk your dogs. The beaches are best a low wide as that is when the sand is exposed. You can have amazing dog walks then.

Hastings Pet Care Dog Walking Service

View to St Leonards-on-Sea from the pier